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Sub Group Generic Formulary Brand Name Dosages Unit In treatment of Adverse Effects Contraiindication Special Precaution Interaction Servings

CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE Endoxan , Cytoxan, Neosar , Procytox 1 GM/ 200mg/500mg Vial CONDITIONING REGIMEN FOR BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION 1. Cardiotoxicity
2. Anorexia
3. Vomiting
4. Nausea
5. Stomatitis
6. Mucositis
7. Hepatotoxicity
8. Hemorrhagic cystitis
9. Leucopenia
10. Thrombocytopenia
11. Anemia
12. Pulmonary fibrosis
13. Reversible alopecia
14. Anaphylaxis
15. Secondary malignant disease
16. Nausea
17. Darkening of the skin and nails.
18. Facial flushing
19. Dizziness
20. Runny eyes and nose
21. Dizziness
1. Hypersensitivity to this drug
2. Bone marrow suppression
1. Impaired renal function
2. Hepatic failure
3. Leucopenia
4. Thrombocytopenia
5. Dependant on chemotherapy and radiation therapy
Chloramaphenicol: Decreased efficacy of cyclophosphamide due to increase in half-life and decrease in metabolite concentration, increased risk of bone marrow toxicity.
Thiazide diuretics: Increased efficacy, anti-neoplastic induced leukopoenia may be prolonged.
Anticoagulants: Increase in anticoagulant effect.
Digoxin: Decreased serum levels of digoxin.
Doxorubicin: Doxorubicin induced cardiac toxicity potentiated.
Succinylcholine: Neuromuscular blockade prolonged.
Allopurinol: Increased risk of bone marrow toxicity.
Phenobarbitone: Increased metabolism and leukopenic activity.
Myelotoxic drugs, Radiotherapy: Serious toxicity.
Adults - 60mg/kg daily for 2 to 4 days.
Adults-2 to 6 mg/kg weekly as a single low-dose regimen.
10 to 15 mg/kg weekly as a single moderate-dose regimen.
20 to 40 mg/kg as a single high- dose regimen every 10 to 20 days