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Sub Group Generic Formulary Brand Name Dosages Unit In treatment of Adverse Effects Contraiindication Special Precaution Interaction Servings
ANTIASTHAMATICS AMINOPHYLENE Phyllocontin, Truphylline ,Minomal 100MG/250 mg/5 ml Tablets Acute Bronchospasm 1. Nausea
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhea
4. Abdominal pain
5. Headache
6. Dizziness
7. Insomnia
8. Tremor
9. Anxiety
10. Decreased appetite
11. Weight loss
12. Restlessness
13. Flushing
14. Irritability
15. Nervousness
16. Increased urination
17. Hypotension
1. Hypersensitivity to Aminophylline and other Xanthine compounds
2. Epilepsy
3. Infection of the rectum or lower colon (rectal suppositories)
1. Hepatic impairment
2. Renal impairment
3. Heart failure
4. Hypertension
5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD)
6. Hyperthyroidism
7. Diabetes mellitus
8. Peptic ulcer
9. Severe hypoxemia
Benzoadiazepines: Sedative effects may be antagonized.
Beta agonists: Additive effect.
Halothane: Catecholamine induced arrhythmias may occur.
Tetracyclines: Theophylline adverse reaction may be enhanced.

Oral: 100 - 300 mg 6-8 hours daily should be taken after meals.
IV infusion: 5 mg/kg body weight as IV infusion over 20 minutes.
IV infusion: 5 mg/kg body weight as IV infusion over 20 minutes